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If you are an inexperienced driver then you should follow some tips that would help you to avoid dangerous situations on the roads. Following them you would ensure your safety while driving. Unfortunately some drivers neglecting simple rules threaten their safety. They think that those rules are unimportant and needless to follow. Well, bad for them.

Never ignore buckling up seat belt. You never know what might happen to you and to passengers in the car. Such a simple thing as a seat belt is able to safe your life. And you should realize that you are responsible for those who are in your car. Insist them to buckle up as well.

Do not ignore speed limit signs. Especially it concerns the areas you have never been to. Neglecting these signs you simply raise the risks of car accidents. By the way it is the main reason of the most car crashes.

Never drive drunk. Well, being drunk you become brave and fearless. You are sure that you are able to keep the situation under control. In fact you are not. Call your friends and ask them to take you home or order a taxi. According to statistics over half of all drivers who died in car accidents were drunk. You may kill not only yourself but other innocent people.

Never use mobile phone while driving. Needless to say that texting messages are also forbidden. If it is extremely important and can’t wait just pull over to solve all of your problems.

Turn signals in case you want to shoot ahead. It lets other drivers sum up the situation and react accordingly.

Driving late in the night do not ignore signs and lights. You are sure that you are the only one on the road. Wrong, you are not. Follow all the rules at any time.

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