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Autumn is not my personal favorite in the rating of the seasons of the year. It is rainy and suddenly cold, and after friendly summer this weather kills me so I use all means to escape from autumn. Travel to some warm country is the most effective way to cope with this problem, as I think. Here are some travel destinations which I consider to be the best for prolonging summer.

  • Cyprus. Cyprus can provide you with different kinds of rest. If you are interested in spa procedures and complete relaxation, visit Pathos with its luxurious hotels and beauty centers. If calmness is not what you are searching for, your choice is Ayia Napa – it is a former fishermen’s settlement which now has become one of the major centers of night life in Europe. The whole place looks like one night club with sweet cocktails and dancing on bar counters. Limassol presents a golden middle – it is a classical resort which is perfect for families and couples.

2.Israel and its most popular resort – Tel-Aviv. From the historical point of view, Jaffa, the southern part of the city, presents the greatest interests. It is said that Noah has created his ark in this place. The resorts of the Dead Sea will suit those who are tired from active rest and want to devote some time to themselves.

3. Italy. We know much about attractions of this country but what interests me most is the season of sales which takes place in Milan till the middle of September. If you search for beauty and romance you should go to Sicily where there is a great number of extremely hot Italians. If you suffer from cultural hunger, you can always visit Rome with Coliseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain and hot Italians as well.

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