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So, the last and the most amazing piece of news that I heard was that a group of helicopters (two, to be exact) has completed a journey round the world in only 43 days. Helicopter is not exactly the kind of transport that is convenient for such a travel, nonetheless, those enthusiasts picked helicopters Robinson R66 Turbine and did it!
They confess that whenever they flied above the water they were stressed out since you can’t see anything but water and only water. It was a challenge, they say. That I believe! I don’t think that I am brave enough to do something like that.

I don’t know much about helicopters, but those two look absolutely awesome: a deep blue one and a cool burgundy one. Each helicopter has a map (their rout) on the side. It was a serious project: they have covered more than 39 448 km (that is 24 511mi 1 497.2yd), impressive, huh? The plan was to cover even more: 40 000 km (24 854mi 1 491.8yd). They completed this rout on September 14; it took 43 days (they came back 2 days early) and over 220 hours in the sky.
If you look at their rout map you will see: they travelled along Russia, Greenland, Canada, the United States of America, and Europe. Although there is a plenty of places they haven’t visited and three whole continents they left out: South America, Africa and Australia (my personal favorite).
They tried to cover as much land as they could, and didn’t cross the Atlantic (obviously). They say the main advantage of a helicopter over a plane is that it can be landed anywhere and doesn’t take much space.
Pilots included their favorite spots in this rout: they visited Whitehorse, the place where heroes of Jack London’s books lived: Smoke Bellew, Baby and Elam Harnish.
On September 14, 2013, pilots successfully returned to their flying club and shared their experience with friends and the whole world. I bet those helicopters are going to become even more popular. For those who want to read more about these amazing machines, here is the link to Wikipedia . Manufacturer is Robinson helicopter company, designer – Frank D. Robinson. One unit costs $ 805 000! Of course in that Wikipedia article there are pictures of the old models (relatively old), the ones that flew all the way around the world are here.
So what do you say, guys, would you dare to completed a journey round the world in 43 days?
P.S. Song of the day The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds (stuck in my head all day)