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Pets, like human beings, sometimes suffer from stress. When people feel that they are on the edge of nervous breakdown, they organize a vacation or jus change something in their life. The pets, however, can not go on holidays or visit a psychoanalyst, so when they suffer from stress we get confused and do not know what to do to help them. Meanwhile, long stress can produce a negative effect on the health of your pet. This influenced can be expressed in vomiting, diarrhea, bad smelling breath, dandruff. To prevent your pet from these and more serious diseases you should learn the reasons of their stress and the ways of dealing with it.

Cats’ depression is often caused by changing of usual conditions, like repair or moving to another place. Other reasons may include:

  • inactive lifestyle
  • serious changes in ration as new food is always a stress factor for them
  • the lack of communication with its owner
  • the absence in the house of some nook, where your cat can sit in calm solitude for a while
  • other animals or babies appearing in the house as the cat may become jealous

All these reasons lead to deep inner conflict and changes in character and behavior. If the cat began licking different objects and surfaces it also indicates that the animal is stressed out. The measures to prevent cat’s depression are simple – you should always find time to communicate and play with your pet, provide it with some private space. If you want to change the ration of your cat, do it gradually.

Unlike cats, the dogs are more focused on the harmony of their relations with people. That’s why the main stress factor for them is separation from their beloved owner. Besides, they can suffer from unjust punishment and rude treatment. A dog in depression becomes calm and uncommunicative; it begins licking itself and scratching itself as well. The main symptom of stress is dandruff – the dog’s fur seems to be covered with snow. The age of your dog should be also taken into account when it concerns his mood – the older a dog is, the more vulnerable it becomes to even slight changes.

To prevent your dog from getting depressed, you should play and walk with it more often. Let your pet communicate with other dogs and make a nook for your dog as the opportunity to use private space is also important for it.

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