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My today’s post is devoted to the issue of indecisiveness. This problem is quite common in our world. Strangely enough it happens so that you may even achieve your goals but sometimes it is really problematic for you to decide between different options you are suggested at the moment. And you are ready to give up instead of choosing anything.

Probably it seems to you that both options are equal and by selecting one of them you would lose something more valuable. How could you know what is better and what is worse? Have you ever thought that none of these options is worth your time and efforts? Sometimes we simply do not know what we really want to get. Many of us tend to compare themselves with others. We try to meet social expectations, we want to satisfy them. But seriously what do you really want here and now? Many people want so many things in life at a time only because others have them. Just think about your desires and wishes. Which of them are actual and which are false? So it is extremely important to realize what you really want. Sometimes you should realize that there is no best solution in the situation. Every person has his own idea of the best.

Sometimes being indecisive means that you literally do not know what to choose between lots of options. For example you have no idea which shampoo to buy. You are afraid that by buying the wrong item you would waste your time and money. It drives you crazy as you pay so much attention to it. As the result you waste a lot of time trying to decide. Nevertheless the final result wouldn’t satisfy you. Anyway you would find something incorrect and unsatisfactory about the option you have chosen.

Also you should understand that probably this or that option wouldn’t make your life. Of course if it concerns some trivial matters. Nothing really would change if you choose ostensibly the wrong color of dishware. How could it influence your life? C’mon, try not to focus much attention on it. It doesn’t really worth it. Try to be more easy-going. Enjoy your life in different aspects. And of course there is no point at all to worry and regret about the opportunities and options you are missing at the moment. Try to get rid of these useless and not serious fears that worry you. There no need at all to waste your time focusing on it all the time.

Of course any of us would like to get something really valuable, satisfying and good as well. And the more options you are offered the more difficult it becomes for you to decide. It turns to be an unbearable for you. You know life is unpredictable enough and you can’t live an ideal life. What’s the point to regret about useless things. Enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family members. Probably it is the best what you have in your life.

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