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I have been dating my boyfriend Jeff for 3 years. He is very nice and really interesting guy. Sometimes it seems to me that he is just a perfect man. I do really appreciate him. And of course sometimes I think that he will be just a perfect husband I have been looking for.

My dreams smash to bits when Jeff begins to criticize me. Well, sometimes he tries to do his best to hide his feelings. But as the rule he can hardly control himself. At the same time he says he adores and admires me.

Another thing that really drives me crazy concerns his attitudes. Sometimes it seems to me that almost everything irritates him. And sometimes he literally hates everything. He is ready to spend hours discussing someone else. Jeff is sure that his position is the perfect one. As for the other people they are wrong and do not have an ability to think and make right decisions. Can you believe? The only thing I do not understand why I have to listen to his thoughts concerning others. I mean I do not care much what other people do or think. As for Jeff he is criticizing absolutely everything. I can understand when he criticizes me. At least I can analyze it. Sometimes it is really offensive and even disrespectful. At the same time I know that I’m far from being a perfect girlfriend. And I try do not pay much attention to it. I know that it is just useless. I know that Jeff really appreciates me and is ready to do everything for me. And in fact he has proved it. But sometimes it is just unbearable to listen to him. I have talked to him several times. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want to listen to his criticism especially when it concerned other people. Jeff told me that I was right and apologized several times admitting he was wrong. Some time later it repeats over and over. And of course Jeff is not going to listen to me when I’m not okay with something in my life. He asks me to switch the topic. Of course it offends me and sometimes I want to say him nothing. From time to time we have arguments. I mean it really damages our relationship as we fail to understand each other. Sometimes we are just a perfect couple, and next time we are ready to separate.

I have no idea what should I do to maintain and have healthy relationship. I realize that love is not enough…