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We all love our pets. Not so long ago I have started to notice more and more dogs dressed in different fashionable clothes. First I thought it was just “in the trend” to suit up a dog. But later I came to a conclusion that it’s not only fashionable but also required and recommended due to a number of reasons. See yourself.

  • Protection from the cold. Many people think that clothing is the folly of the pet owner, but it’s not so. Short-coated and small dogs suffer in cold seasons greatly. In order to warm up your small four-legged friend you need to dress it up in autumn and winter.

  • Protection from the injuries. Small dogs and puppies love to play different active games. Of course sometimes they unintentionally can hurt each other or themselves. Clothing helps to make their falling softer and in general protects the skin of your dogs from other bruisers and smaller injuries.

  • Fashionable looks. Yes, this is also an important characteristic. We all live in the modern world and try to follow all the caprices of fashion. So, why can’t we make our dogs look fashionable too? Obviously, the industry of animal clothing is in the leading position now. There are numerous designers, our small friends also have different fashion shows at which their owners can choose the most glamorous and good looking stuff for their pets. This all makes the pets involved into social life and relations as well as their owners.

The last thing I would like to mention is the financial side of the question. All this stuff for dogs and cats and other pets really costs much. But you obviously will never try to save money on your dog’s looks, am I right? I know I am. Pets become not only good devoted friends, they bring much sense into our life. So, let’s dress up this “sense” into something soft and fashionable;)

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