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For celebs there are no closed doors and inappropriate topics. They just do what they want. Have you ever wondered why they behave this way? I have. And I think that sometimes forgetting about being a public figure is bad. Really bad. Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of law violation are typical of our stars.

1). First and foremost, drug and alcohol abuse. I know that this topic is exhausted, but they don’t stop being addicts. It’s true. The number of the celebs arrested for driving in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication is huge. In different times such eminent and talented people as Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Rodriguez, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan (this girl seems to live in jail) were arrested for this bad habit. Shame on you, guys! Our children look at you!

2). Sexual problems. This is the second according to popularity reason for being arrested. No, seriously, guys! Why do you need to have sex in the car somewhere in the street when you have so much cash to have the most expensive room anywhere? No, you need some adrenaline…perhaps! I think one of the most loud cases is the arrest of Hugh Grant in 1995. Bad boy!

3). Riot. This comes from the previous two points. When the celebs get drunk and have sex problems – they fight. With each other, with the mirror reflection, with the police, with the people in the streets and (this is their favorite entertainment) with journalists! It’s quite logical, no one wants to see his crooked drunk face in the morning newspaper…Though this doesn’t prevent most of the celebs from drinking alcohol…

All this brings me to one simple question: why do they do it? They are sure to know they are in the center of people’s attention all the time and they still continue behaving like animals…Is this a kind of PR or do they really spit at all the fans? What do you think?

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