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Natural selection dictates its own rules of survival and to remain alive in the world of animals you should better be strong, big, dangerous and carnivorous. However, not all animals are born with a bunch of these useful qualities. So they have to develop some other talents, like the skill of being cunning, for example. Some of the animals have improved this skill to such a level of perfection that it will be useful even for human beings to learn something from them.

Foxes are the impersonation of craftiness in legends and fairy-tales of different countries of the world and this reputation has been honestly earned by them. For instance, foxes use an interesting method of getting rid of fleas and other intrusive insects. A fox carries a stick in its teeth and jump into the water. It swims to a place deep enough for only the nose and the stick to emerge from water. All insects gather on the stick to survive. Then the fox throws the stick with all these insects as far away as possible and swims to the shore.

Another animal famous for its tricks is tortoise. It is considered to be slow and harmless but some species, like loggerhead turtle, are pretty dangerous predators which can bite and catch the prey. In order to attract a victim this animal uses its tongue which resembles a worm. The tortoise opens its mouth and lures fish with its worm-like tongue.

Virginian opossum has also developed its own cunning way to survive. It can pretend to be dead at the approach of a predator. Opossum can not only stiffen and fall dead in the most natural manner, but it is also capable of stinking like real carrion.

Green heron is another famous trickster of the fauna. They attract fish by dropping some small objects on the water surface. Fish notice the objects and pop out of the water to see whether they can eat them and become the dinner of green herons itself. Some herons catch fish using this method and use it as bait for larger fish instead of eating it at once.

There can be also found pretty cunning predators among the insects. One of them is assassin bug which hunts on spiders. Assassin bug finds a spider web, taps on it with its leg to imitate the movements of the victim caught in the web. When a spider hurries to its prey he finds out that he is the prey himself.

The coati raccoons have also proved to be very intelligent ones. Sometimes they hunt on iguanas using team work. Coati divide into two groups, one group climb the tree and urge iguanas to jump to the land where the second group is already waiting for them.

Animal world and the tricks of different species can teach people some important lessons. It does not matter which skills and physical qualities you were born with as you can always develop cunning and craftiness to survive. So, even if initially you are not the strongest one you can always develop some useful abilities as it is shown by the example of some animals.

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