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Traffic jams are considered to be one of the reasons of big city inhabitants’ stress. Some wise folks prefer to ignore them and just chill out in the car. But what if patience is not the main tool in your toolbox? Or what if you are getting late and about to miss some important event like signing up a contract you’ve been struggling for for months, or your own wedding?! You can bang your head against the steering wheel or, alternatively, try to calm down and keep yourself busy with something useful and relaxing.

First of all, try to relax. I know how challenging it may be when you are imprisoned in your own vehicle, but this is the only way to calm down. Tinted windows are a good idea to get rid of unnecessary stares from other cars’ owners. Turn the air conditioner on, listen to the radio or watch TV if you have a TV-set in your car. Don’t watch news though – they are even worse than traffic jams.

Listen to an audio book. Police officers don’t recommend listening to them during the driving because it can distract you from the road, but it’s just great if you are stuck. Use this little misfortune as a good opportunity to read a book that you always wanted to read but never had enough time for it.

It’s a good idea to have some fashion magazines on the back seat of your car. You can use the time spent in traffic jam to pick up some fashion advice and apply them in creation of your new fashion look in the future.

Another good and useful thing to do in your car in the middle of the road is makeup. In our fast-paced society many women simply don’t have time to do quality and fancy makeup in the morning. Use this time to tidy your face up.

As I’ve already mentioned, people nowadays are always in their haste. Sitting behind your wheel, call your mom or a friend who has been waiting for your call for a long time. Or dial the number of your boyfriend to tell him that you miss him. Without cause. Just because you love him.

If you are single, use this situation to change your status. Flirt! Look around you – you are surrounded by dozens of cars driven by hot guys. Smile to your fellow-sufferers, maybe that man in the car behind you is your chosen one! You never know…

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