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Pilates became an extremely popular way of training in a gym as it really gives your body a necessary load and this way helps you maintain good shape of your muscles. The most valuable thing about Pilates is also that it helps you stretch your body and keep it flexible.

Here are a few tips to improve the quality of the very first Pilates class:

In order to start exercising Pilates you will have to choose appropriate clothing which wouldn’t constrain your moves and at the same time fit your body tightly and wouldn’t be an obstacle for you trying to control your moves and know whether you are doing everything right.

If you are practicing Pilates you should wear no shoes, only socks and it is the best to be bare foot. It is required for you to be able to include your feet to the intense training.

You should avoid having food at least an hour before training and an hour after it.

Nothing is better than combining the exercise with SPA procedures: going to sauna, visiting thermal springs and so on.

You should have a special rug for training or at least a towel.

At first it is recommended for you to master all exercises of the basic plan that are necessary to fulfill in about a month after you start. Only after completing the first stage you can proceed to doing the exercises of the initial difficulty level.

Try not to make mistakes and don’t forget that Pilates is in any case inflicting your body pain.

If you feel sick or you are having cold postpone your training to get well. The classes won’t make you feel better if you exercise while you are ill. If you have some pre-existing conditions you should consult with your doctor before starting practicing Pilates.

Good luck in your working out and be healthy!

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