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Nowadays, as the distant work became possible a new dilemma has emerged – is it better to become a free-lancer and work at home or remain a part of the office community? The best solution is to combine these two options and start the practice of co-working.

Co-working presents a model of work in which people remain independent while performing their tasks on the same space. This method is good for freelancers and different groups of people creating and launching new projects. On the one hand, you remain free from being bossed around. On the other hand, you receive an opportunity to communicate with the others and develop new useful business connections.

This new scheme of the organization of work was developed only a few years ago, in 2005, but due to its obvious advantages it soon became popular and spread all over the business world.

First of all, co-working provides a better atmosphere for concentrating on your tasks. Besides, you will be able to communicate with other people who can help you to find a different approach to your work and give you advice when it is needed. Co-working style gives you a chance to feel all advantages of office work without the need to observe weird corporate policy or being reprimanded by a boss.

Hiring a co-working space requires some membership fee to be paid. In return, you will receive the opportunity to participate in different educational programs and use the space and necessary office equipment whenever you need. Besides, it is still possible to take a day or two off and work from home.

Co-working is a perfect combination of practicing free working style and remaining a part of the office culture at the same time. This model will also help to create a health balance between your personal and business spheres of life.

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