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You’re lucky if you an early riser. But the most people find it extremely difficult to get up fifteen minutes earlier and be at work in time. They swallow half of a sandwich, put on the clothes from the nearest hanger, grab a wallet and run out with the hope that the bus driver has also overslept. When they finally arrive for work being only twenty minutes late they face the disaster far worse than an waking up early. What to write in an explanation? Usually some dull note about an awful headache or a low blood pressure is scrabbled in a hurry and the incident is forgotten up to the next 8 a. m.

But some people write really weird stories which are collected by the managers and read in the end of a workday to make everyone have some fun. Here is the list of the most unbelievable excuses from workers. The most of them didn’t appear to be true.

Employee supposed she was awarded a Nobel Prize.

Employee got distracted be her dog being nauseous.

Employee’s cat bit off the battery of her handy so the alarm didn’t give a signal.

Employee believed he has invented a time machine and had two extra hours each fortnight.

Employee complained her keys were stolen by a wild raccoon.

Employee claimed to receive a personal phone call from the president.

Employee announced that she wasn’t late as she had no intention to arrive to work in time.

The last two excuses appeared to be true. The real reasons for being late are not as hilarious as the previous ones. The most popular obstacles preventing people arriving at work and starting fulfilling their tasks without delay are the traffic jams, nasty weather and getting the children ready for school. Many workers forget their wallet, keys or handy at home, so they are to return and lose up to an hour. Forgetting about the time is also a common reason why employees arrive later that it is required by the rules. You may think that you have ten minutes to run to the right platform and realize that your train has been gone just a few seconds ago. Another popular excuse is being absorbed reading Twitter or checking out the latest news on Facebook.

Only a few people don’t lack discipline and manage to organize their timetable. It is almost impossible to control everything and some unexpected events can’t be predicted. But the best way to reduce the list of unexpected circumstances is to have a plan for an average day and take an account for heavy traffic or a case if the bus will suddenly break down. To avoid an uncomfortable and stressful explaining you’d better always have some money for a taxi. That easy tip will help you to prevent being late.

But in case you’re still not sure if you manage to get up in time next morning I’d recommend you to apply for a job with flexible working hours.

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