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Is it me or the number of disasters increases insanely fast? I agree that all these things are the nature’s way of telling us we are doing something wrong. Either way, their number is getting bigger. I do realize there is a chance that is has always been this way – it’s just that mass media wasn’t developed that well before. But now it is. And I believe the methods of predicting disasters should be advanced too. Now I just want to specify what I am talking about.

Let’s take a quick review of the disasters that took place 1 – 7 years ago.

1.Volcano in Iceland (2010).

Iceland is famous for its volcanoes. The famous volcano ejection in April 2010 (Eyjafjallajokull) resulted in major problems with air traveling across western and northern Europe. Even if you don’t watch the news, I am sure you heard of it. Ashes reached east cost of the North America, Europe, and even Asia.

2.Haiti Earthquake (2010).

This is the disaster that everyone remembers too. The number of victims was huge (over 222 500). The most shocking thing about this disaster is that after that cholera started. More than 4 500 people died. The exact reason of cholera reappearance is unknown. It’s relation to the earthquake is uncertain too.

3.Hurricane Katrina (2005).

Katrina is the most devastating hurricane in the history of the United States of America. The exact number of victims is unknown. The approximate number is 1 400 (or even bigger). The surprising fact about this disaster is that the beautiful city – New Orleans, Louisiana (the place where jazz was born) is turning to a dead city now, nothing is being restored. I’ve got to say, this city knows what cholera is too.

4.Earthquake in Japan (Fukusima story).

In March 2011 the earthquake followed by tsunami caused major explosion of the Fukusima plant. The radiation level can be compared to that after the Chernobyl disaster. The Japan we know is gone. If you google before and after pictures (the map kind of thing), you will see that more than a half of the country is destroyed.

I sincerely hope that if something like that happens in the future, people are going to be warned earlier. Nature disasters (unlike plant explosions) can be predicted, and I do hope that people will take the warnings seriously and hurry to leave a place where disaster is about to start.

Planet earth is a great place to live on, we just need to understand the signs it gives us and care about it, remember that resources are limited and our children are going to need them too. They are also going to need clean water and air, and cities are to be restored after disasters when it is the right time. I realize the level of radiation in Japan and Chernobyl is going to be high for hundreds or even thousands of years, but it just proves that we should be more careful. Because death is THE ONLY thing that a man can’t change.

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