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Are you really a gamer? Are you ready to spend hours on World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike? As for me I’m not a big fan of these games but I definitely enjoy playing life simulation games. And as you can guess my favorite one is The Sims (or also known as SimCity). The rules and terms of this strategic video game are simple. You control or create by yourself virtual lifeforms using special patterns. Well, I’m an interior designer myself probably that’s the actual reason explaining my obsession with this kind of games. You can create life spaces, organize them as you wish and keep under control all the members of the game. By the way you even can create main characters of the game choosing gender, appearance, clothing and other stuff referring to personality. So created characters simulate actual daily life and they can fall in love, get married, suffer, starve and even die. So as you can see the game is captivating and it is not surprising at all why I’m ready to waste hours instead of doing more useful things. Frankly speaking it reminds me the Tamagotchi, a digital creature you are obliged to look after, feed and care. The Tamagotchi is much more simple than the Sims but the conception is very similar. The interface, the principles are absolutely different but initial idea is almost the same.





But I would like to play other life simulation social games. Do you know any?


A Tamagotchi Connexion V1


I’ve been thinking recently about “creating” another life and social simulation game. Well, I mean ideal game I would like to play. The Sims teaches you to build life in a broad sense. I mean you can build not only space where the characters would live and interact with each other, but build relations as well. So for me ideal game is that one that would teach you social interaction and communication. It would be a game that would help you understand what should you do in this or that situation and what you should definitely avoid. I would take as an example the Sims of course. It is just an ideal platform to create something new and evolve it. My first ideal game would be devoted to work space and office work. It would be some kind of reality show you may participate in but you are not obliged to show your actual personality and face. It would consist of social patterns you may accept or reject. It would be some kind of tutorial that would show you the mistakes you may do while interacting with other characters. People are different but the rules of communication and interaction are almost standard. This game would be intended for those who are willing to develop as persons and become just a perfect employer or employee.



It would be pretty interesting to create a game devoted to work of different professions. I mean there are some universal standards which are all the same for all people. But at the same time there are the terms that very specific and common only for very special fields of life activity.



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